Between 2008 and 2013 i have worked for Anima Istanbul as a senior compositing artist. Most of the projects are composited in Blackmagic Fusion and AE.
Anima Istanbul is an animation and VFX production company located in Istanbul. Anima was founded in 1995 as a stop motion studio, then quickly evolved to producing in all kinds of animation techniques, also creating expertise in character and puppet design, having designed most of the famous animation characters in Turkey. Today, anima Istanbul is a production house with post-production facilities and an animation studio. We believe longevity in our line of work comes from creativity, and the will to keep up, even create technologies. Hence anima Istanbul is a director – artist based creative company, one of the biggest production houses in Turkey and one of the bigger animation studios in Europe. Anima Istanbul focuses on TV commercial production; creates music videos, VFX for feature films, animation TV series, and has recently released its first feature film, Bad Cat (original title: Kötü Kedi Şerafettin) in 2016.